System On Module

SOMs are designed to accelerate product development for the OEM requiring a high-quality, high reliability, and long product life-cycle solution, within short development timeline constraints. The NAANALCORE-AM335x SOM supports the Texas Instruments AM335x family of processors which feature high processing performance, low power, and a highly integrated peripheral set. The Industrial Communications Subsystem supports standards such as EtherCAT®, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®, POWERLINK™, SERCOS-III, and CANopen®. This integrated subsystem eliminates the need for an external ASIC/FPGA, which saves substantial BOM costs.

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The combination of industrial temperature rating, 3.3V I/O, and highly reliable interconnects make it possible for developers to create products that can endure rugged and extreme thermal industrial environments such as industrial automation and control, human machine interface, interactive point-of-service kiosks, Portable Data Terminals, and more.


Building a new embedded device from the ground up is an enormous challenge and risk. Embedded development can be made much easier by leveraging existing solutions.


Deploy a production-ready SOM and BSP and eliminate 6-12 months from your development timeline.


Save substantial non-recurring engineering costs by eliminating specification, parts selection, schematic, layout, validation, and Operating System porting efforts. Use an off-shelf SOM and BSP instead.

NAANAL AM335x Product Highlights:

Low cost, feature-packed ARM® Cortex™-A8 based System on Module (SOM)
Tiny form factor: 44 x 50 mm
Dual Gbit Ethernet, High Speed USB, and CAN
Industrial Communications Subsystem
Linux, Android, and Windows Compact 7 BSPs - free source code