Toll Plaza Management System

A Toll Plaza Management System is put in place to collect revenue and recover the capital outlay incurred on the cost of construction, repairs, maintenance, expenses on toll operation by concessionaires, private organizations to provide reduced travel time and increased level to service to end user. In the process of collection toll and user fee it is also important to maintain highest level of security as huge volumes of cash are being floated within toll plazas.

Our Intelligent toll plaza management solution (ITS / ITMS) provides a powerful lane engine with its associated sub-systems that facilitate a fraud-free transaction management allowing for a steady, accurate, and traceable financial flow. The deployed sub-systems work independently within their control and harmoniously interface with the lane engine. The entire intelligent toll system is capable of monitoring multiple toll plazas by way of data driven controls and video tracking capabilities at the main control center.

We provide Toll Management Systems and solutions that is a high-end solution can be implemented for Electronic Toll Collection / ETC (IR, MW, RFID 18000 6 C) on Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) or work in hybrid mode allowing for various methods of payment involving cash, smartcard, and RFID tags. The intelligent Toll Management Systems (ETMS) developed by Naanal Technologies India caters to the specific needs of toll road projects in India.

The system has, but not restricted to, the following operational features -

  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic toll collection
  • Each Lane easily upgradable to ETC functionality (as per NHAI guidelines)
  • Electronic Toll Collection System fully integrated Bank’s Central Clearing House
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface System for Toll Collection
  • Minimal / No Revenue Leakage
  • High performance Automatic Vehicle classification system(AVC) with 98% accuracy
  • Customized report generation for audit purpose
  • Allows lane integration with our ATMS & Speed Enforcement systems for violation tickets at toll plaza

Toll Management System (TMS) integrated with various subsystems

  • Facilitate smooth traffic flow that minimizes leakages and increases revenues
  • Is capable to handle more than 150,000+ PCU per day
  • Detect fraud and incidents, easing operations and minimizing risk.
  • Determine exact Toll Charge through Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC)
  • Detect overweight vehicles using violation controls like Weigh in Motion (WIM)
  • Facilitate faster and accurate processing of vehicular data via Automatic Number Plate detectors and works in conjunction with Speed Enforcement engines.

With Naanal Technologies, you don't have to rely on multiple third-party vendors to install, support, and optimize your toll systems. We understand that no two toll systems are alike. Our portfolio of toll hardware, software, and operations management solutions allow us to customize solutions to fit your unique needs.

Naanal Technologies's dedicated staff of engineers, project management professionals and operations experts familiar with complex global supply chains are equipped to handle your most complex tolling issues.

Highlight Elements of TMS

Automatic Vehicle Classification system (AVC)

The Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) system is the most crucial and vital component of the intelligent toll collection system. AVC is used for automatic counting and classification of vehicles entering and leaving the lane at Toll Plazas. Moreover, it determines and stores the graphical details of the profile of the vehicles along with other additional information. Naanal Technologies has indigenously build IR based AVC which classifies vehicles based on their height, length, number of axles and distance between the axles and gives more than 98% accuracy in Indian conditions. Naanal Technologies also offers Treadle Based AVC system as a combination incase counting of wheels etc are required

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a real-time embedded system which automatically recognizes the license number of vehicles. Naanal Technologies ANPR System captures the image and processes the information to decipher the vehicle registration number and updates the system. This feature also supports incident management and system audit.


Naanal Technologies India provides Lane Integrated and Stand-alone Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Systems. Lane Integrated system consists of lane-wise WIM stations. The weighing platform is mounted on load cells in the corners. These load cells are connected to a Weigh-in-Motion Controller (WIMC) that measures the weight of each axle and transmits it to a WIM controller located in the control room. The software on the WIM controller collects the weight information from each WIM Station and stores it in the local database.

Further, it has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that displays the no of axle, individual axle weight, and gross weight of each vehicle as soon as it passes over the WIM platform. Also, the LSWIM controller can be connected to the Automatic Vehicle Classification System on the associated lane and receive the vehicle class from it. This information can then be associated with the above weight information for displaying and reporting purposes. A wide variety of reports can be generated from the WIM controller software, including time-wise and lane-wise vehicle type reports. Reports of exceptional vehicles having over-loaded axles (based on maximum axle loads for each class of vehicle) can also be generated. Online alarms for overloaded vehicles can be set up on the WIM controller.

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