Laser Based Speed Enforcement System


NAANAL’s speed monitoring solutions automatically detect every vehicle and enable comprehensive speed enforcement system. Even in difficult measurement situations such as along roadworks, on curved road, inside tunnels, the measuring systems work reliably and accurately. The modular system design allows for various deployment scenarios such as tunnels, overpasses or work zones.

Speed enforcement systems identify passing vehicles on free-flow lanes at pre-selected check points along enforced sections and measure the speed at these points as well as GPS-based time synchronization for accurate measurement.


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Operational Height: 4-6 Meters
Minimum Speed detection: 10KMH
Maximum Speed detection: 180 KMH

Power Supply

Input:230 AC
Power Consumption: 36W


Inbuilt SoC Module
Interface support: Ethernet,RS 485

Software Module

Speed detection / Violation detection


Temp: -10 to 60 deg
Relative Humidity: 95%
Protection Level: IP65