Automatic Vehicle Count & Classifier(AVCC) / 3D VEHICLE PROFILER


Laser Module is an advanced laser sensing solution that combines independent and active elements into a single sensor, resulting in rapid continuous and accurate detection and ranging – including lateral discrimination in the entire wide beam without any moving parts. The Laser Vpro can be easily integrated to add sensing intelligence to almost any application,enabling developers and integrators to make the most of this cutting-edge technology while providing unmatched flexibility.


• IP 65 Compliance
• Interfaces TCP/IP & RS-485
• Real Time Data Collection
• Vehicle Classification (upto 30 Types)
• Axle count (Optional) with additional sensor
• Local Storage up to 5 Lakh entries
• Accuracy >= 98%
• Web upload and Cloud Integration
• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports and MIS

Responsive image

• Proven reliability, even in harsh conditions
• Immune to ambient light
• Real Time Data Collection
• No moving parts, for ultimate robustness
• Easy integration with existing System
• Low power consumption
• Accuracy >= 98%
• Web upload and Cloud Integration
• Best cost/performance ratio


• Vehicle classification for Toll Plaza
• Traffic Survey & Management
• Real Time Data Collection
• Speed Detection with Threshold

• 3D vehicle profiling (L x B x H) for Border Check-post
• Weigh-in Motion for Cargo Movement
• Vehicle Count for Traffic Congestion