• Highly precise vehicle classificationand axle counting in all traffic conditions
• Reliable in multi-lane, free-flowingtraffic and stop-and-go traffic
• Detection of lane changers
• Detection of different vehicleclasses
• Information about vehicle speed anddimensions
• Time synchronization with externalSystems

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Wide range of Applications

• Vehicle classification and axle counting for electronic tollcollection on movinglane roads • Fast lanes at tollbooths
• Traffic management
• Traffic analysis
• Traffic jam detection

No traffic disruption

• Quick installation and cost-effective maintenance, as devicesdo not need to be fitted into the road surface
• Lane allocations can easily be adjusted using the configurationwizard in the event of temporary lane alterations
• Laser beams are invisible and do not harm the eyes(laser class 1)


• Self-calibrating system for fast and reliable commissioning
• Intuitive configuration wizard for setting up the measuringheads
• 3D live display of passing vehicles
• TCP-based interface for easy integration
• Automatic blanking of static objects, e.g., guardrails
• Integrated self- and remote-maintenance system
• Remote system access minimizes support and maintenanceCosts

Your benefits

• Automatic calibration allows commissioningin just a few minutes
• Intuitive graphical user interface allowsquick and easy operation
• Full detection of vehicles and axlesincreases classification accuracy
• Simple and economical installationon the side and above the roadway.No work is required on the roadsurface.
• The software trigger improves thedetection and reading rate of licenseplate detection cameras or the DSRCantenna system
• Long maintenance intervals and fastinstallation reduce operating costs toa minimum
• Reliable operation even